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    Jenn Sadler grew up having great aspirations. As a pre-teen, she wrote songs and stageplays that she would have her friends perform in the living room after school. At the age of 13, she was signed as an R&B singer to a local music production company to work on her own solo project. Jenn did some local modeling, co-founded an R&B group called Jenesis, and even sang backup for an American Idol finalist. Problem-solving comes second nature to Jenn; as a people person and experienced planner, she is accustomed to aiding and overseeing others in accomplishing their goals. She gained experience working as a Human Resources Generalist in the San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley tech industry. She has the unique ability to discover creativity in everyday experiences and apply it in an effort to fill the voids that she may encounter along the way. Thus the creation of The Bridal Gods.

    To tell the story of The Bridal Gods, one would have to go back in time, the place, Oakland, CA, the year, 2010. An annual jazz festival, a restaurant, and a random seat — a chance meeting that laid the foundation. Sitting in the next seat over was Adrian Sadler, Jenn's future husband.

    And so the love story begins. After a four-year romantic courtship, Jenn and Adrian proved to be soulmates and were engaged. They were married on October 17th, 2015 in a gorgeous Great Gatsby-themed ceremony at the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa in Monterey, CA.

    It was Jenn’s reluctance to hire a wedding coordinator that sparked the idea of The Bridal Gods. Deciding to singlehandedly plan her own nuptials, Jenn found herself bouncing from website to website to purchase everything she needed to make her wedding day special and unique.  It was then that she saw the need for a one-stop online wedding boutique catering to the needs of all brides and grooms, from traditional to alternative, and everything in between.

    Jenn had a vision for the type of wedding she wanted and welcomed the challenge of planning it and so the mission of The Bridal Gods was born. “I learned how different personalities in a wedding party could cause undue stress for a couple, so part of my mission was to design and develop a website that would ease the angst of wedding planning. To create a place where a bride or groom could feel empowered and encouraged. I wanted to develop a one-stop experience for couples to buy and sell their new and gently used wedding pieces. I wanted to contribute to giving couples an overall amazing wedding experience by being a resource. After all, it is one of the most important days of our lives…”

    Formidably one of the most comprehensive wedding boutiques on the internet, The Bridal Gods has everything the discerning bride or groom needs and offers a complete experience for couples. Not only will you find beautiful and unique pieces you can also connect with other “soon-to-be’s” looking for advice or newlyweds that have plenty of advice to give.